– Population: 11,175,692 (2017)

– Independence: August 1, 1960(From France)

– Capital: Porto- Novo

– Official language: French

– Religion beliefs: Roman Catholic 27%; Islam 24%; West African Vodum 17%; Protestant 16%;  Atheism & Agnosticism 7%; African traditional beliefs 6%; Eckankar, Bahai faith & other beliefs 3%.

– Literacy: 38.4%

– Ethnic groups: Fon, Yoruba, Aja, Bariba, Dendi, Fula, Ayizo & others.

Raising Harvest Force for the Least reached

CMF entered the Land with the vision to raise indigenous disciples who shall become missionaries to reach the remaining unreached people groups in Burkina Faso and other Francophone countries. By evangelizing, discipling, mobilizing and envisioning the young Burkinabe we shall together reach the unreached in Burkina Faso and beyond.

It all started in 2009 when one of us responded to a Macedonian call of a Burkinabe Pastor to come to Burkina. A training need was seen in the land which was keyed into. Since then we began to pursue a CMF Burkina vision, using training as tool.

Dozens of candidates have since gone through short term mission training and a team of labourer has been raised. Doors of churches are open to us for training to enlighten them on missions as well as recruiting labourers who will reach the unreached people in the land.

Missions Training is still a big need in the entire country. Testimonies abound on how the Short Term Missions School held since 2011 has been helpful. At present, our ministry activities cover Ouagadougou and Sapouy. We train, mobilize, engage in field work and partner with other ministries. We work among the Peulh (Fulani) and Gurunsis. Our work among the Peulh (Fulani) is progressing slowly. Jesus film outreaches held at Sapouy and 17 other villages have produced about 62 souls to Christ and follow up and discipleship activities are ongoing. Testimonies abound in the lives of our converts and disciples as we continue to preach and teach them the Word of God. They are making progress in their walk with the Lord, Mariam was healed by the Lord of a long time pain in the legs and her marriage that was at the verge of breaking was restored. Sabine was brought to our fellowship center for deliverance. She got converted and totally delivered, Prosper; one of our converts but under serious manipulation from a marabou (herbalist) was at the verge of turning away from the Lord when the Lord showed him mercy, he was delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit likewise Vivian.


Quick Facts

Population: 19,335,110 (latest United Nations estimates)

– Independence: August 5, 1960 (From France)

– Capital: Ouagadougou

– Official language: French

– Religion beliefs: Islam- 55% to 60 %, Roman Catholicism- 15% to 20%, Protestant- 5%, Traditional indigenous religion- 20% to 25 %

– Literacy: 36%

– Ethnic groups: There are numerous ethnic groups in Burkina Faso. The most predominant groups are the Mossi, Bobo and others which include the Gurunsi, Senufo, Lobi, Mande e.t.c.

E-mail Address: flovertue@yahoo.com

– Population: 23,360,803

– Independence: 1, January 1960 French Cameroun (From France)

                                1, October1961 English Cameroun (From UK)

– Capital: Yaoundé

– Official language: French & English

– Religion: Approximately 70% Christians, 20% Muslims, 1% Traditional indigenous belief

– Literacy: 75%

– Ethnic groups: Bamileke, Bamum, Tikar & other Peoples of the Western Highlands 38%

Beti – Pahuin, Bulu, Fang, Maka, Njem, Baka & other People of the Southern Forests 18%, Bassa, Duala and other People of the Coastal Forests 12% ,Kirdi 18%, Fulani & Sahelian Muslims 14% .

E-mail Address:berca_wamba@yahoo.fr

– Population: 24,517,982(2017)

– Independence: August 7, 1960

– Capital: Abidjan

– Official language: French

– Religion beliefs:  40% Muslims, 34% Christians, 25% Traditional (animist) religions.

– Literacy: 43.1%

– Ethnic groups: Ivory Coast has more than 60 ethnic groups, usually classified into five principal divisions: Akan (east and center, including Lagoon peoples of the Southeast), Krou (southwest), Southern Mande (west), Northern Mande (northwest), Senoufo/ Lobi (northcenter and north east).

Postal Address: 06 BP 768, Abidjan 06, Cote D’ivoire

E-mail Address:zana_abraham@yahoo.fr

CMF work started in Gambia several years ago with the vision of raising indigenous Disciples who will saturate the nations with God’s word and kingdom values. Our strategies / Activities include: Church planting, Youth Empowerment Summit, Prayer, Discipleship and Mission conferences, Education Ministry, Children Welfare and Mission/Leadership Training. We reach out to the following people groups -Manjago, Jola, Karon (karoninca), Fula, Wolof, Serahaule and Mandinka as well as Aku.

Our labour in the land has resulted into planting of indigenous Churches in many communities and among many unreached people groups and we see a growth in discipleship both for individuals and families. Many indigenous missionaries have been raised as well and are actively involved in laboring among their people. One of the missionaries a Manjaku by tribe is also well involved in outreach efforts to his tribe. He is facilitating literacy in the language and has hosted the Manjaku Conference which is a meeting of Manjaku Ministers, missionaries and some members of the tribe from Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Gambia. He has been having Bible teachings in Manjago on radio for several years now and many Manjagos listen to this program as a primary discipleship tool in their local language.


Quick Facts

– Population: 2,009,648 million (July 2016 est.)

– Independence: 18th February 1965 (From U.K)

Capital: Banjul

– Official Language: English

– Other Languages spoken as first language:  Mandinka is spoken as a first language by 38% of the population, Fula is spoken by 21.2%, Wolof/ Serer by 18%, Jola by 4.5%.

Religion beliefs:  Islam- 90%, Christianity- 9%, Traditional beliefs- 1%

– Literacy: 55.5% (2015 World Fact book)

– Ethnic groups: The majority of the country ethnic population belongs to eight indigenous tribes. These are: the Mandinka(41%), the Wolof (15%), the Fula (19%), the Jola (10%), the Serahuli (8%), the Serer (2%), the Aku  (0.8%),  and the Manjago (1.7 %))

Postal Address: P.O.Box 2525, Serekunda.The Gambia

E-mail Address:jattajohn@yahoo.com

– Population: 1,883,063

– Independence: 23 January 1963– 25 April 1974(From Portugal)

– Capital: Bissau

– Official language: Portuguese

– Religion beliefs: 40% Muslims, 22% Christians, 15% Animist and 18% unspecified or other.

– Literacy: 59.9%

– Ethnic groups: 22.5% Balanta, 28.5% Fula, 8.3% Manjaca, 9.1% Papel, greater than 1% others

Postal Address: C/o North West Mission Center P.O.Box 2525, Serekunda.The Gambia

E-mail Address: nwamccmf@yahoo.com

– Population: 4,776, 976(2017)

– Independence: July 26, 1847(From American Colonization Society)

– Capital: Monrovia

– Official language: English

– Religion beliefs: 85.6% Christianity, 12.2% Islam, Traditional 0.6%, none 1.4%, others 0.2%

– Literacy: 47.6%

– Ethnic groups: There are officially 17 ethnic groups that make up Liberian’s indigenous African population: Kpelle, Bassa, Gio, Kru, Grebo, Mandingo, Mano, Krahn, Gola, Gbandi, Loma, Kissi, Vai, Fula, Fanti, Americo- Liberians, Lebanese, and Indians.

Postal Address: P. O. Box 4873, Opp. BC58 Stephen Tolbert Estate,

Gardnersville. Monrovia, Liberia

E-mail Address:gbortu@yahoo.com

Population: 18,000,000

– Independence: 20, June1960 (From France)

– Capital: Bamako

– Official language: French

– Religion beliefs: Muslim- 92.4%, Roman Catholic- 15%, Protestant- 0.8%, Animism- up to 5%

Literacy: 38.7%

– Ethnic groups: Bambara- 34%, Peul (Fulani)- 15%,Sarakole- 11%, Senufo- 11%, Dogon- 9%, Malinke- 9%, Bobo- 3%, Songhai- 2%, Tuareg- 1%, other ethnic groups- 5%

Postal Address:

E-mail Address:tundejumoke@gmail.com

– Population: 193, 099,951 (2017)

– Independence: October 1, 1960 (From UK)

– Capital: Abuja

– Official language: English Language

– Religion: Islam 48.9%, Christianity 48.3%, indigenous belief 2.8%.

– Literacy: 59.6%

– Ethnic groups: Nigeria is made up of several ethnic groups and within these ethnic groups are several tribes numbering 371, majority of which are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.

Postal Address: Christian Missionary Foundation

                             U.I P.O.Box 9890, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria

E-mail Address: christianmissionaryfoundation@yahoo.com christianmissionaryfoundation@gmail.com

– Population: 16,061,585

– Independence: April 4, 1960 (From France)

– Capital: Dakar

– Official language: French

– Religion belief: Islam 74%, Christianity 5%, Animist 1%

– Literacy: 55.7%

– Ethnic groups: Wolof 38.7%, Pular 26.5%, Mandinka 4.2%, Jola 4%, Soninke 2.3%, other 9.3%( includes Europeans and person of Lebanese descent)

Contact Address:

Postal Address: c/o North- Africa Missions Center

                              P.O.Box 2525, Serrekunda, The Gambia

E-mail Address:cmfsenegal@gmail.com

– Population: 7,633,867

– Independence: 27 April 1961 (From Britain)

– Capital: Freetown

– Official language: English language spoken at Schools and government administration, the Krio language is most widely spoken language across Sierra Leone by 97% of the country population.

– Religion beliefs:  Islam 78.2%, Christianity 20.9% while the rest of the population is either animist or follows other religious beliefs. (2015 est.)

– Literacy: 48.4%

– Ethnic groups: About 16 different ethnic groups, each with a different language: Temne 35%, Mende 31%, Limba 8%, Fula 7%,  Mandingo 2%, Kono 5%, Krio 2%

Postal Address: c/o CMF Mano Regional office. P.O. Box 4873,

E-mail Address:augustenedee@gmail.com

– Population: 7,965,055 (2017 est.)

– Independence: April 27, 1960(From France)

– Capital: Lome

– Official language: French

– Recognized national languages: Ewe, Kabiye

– Religion beliefs: Christianity 29%, Islam 20%, Indigenous beliefs 51%

– Literacy: 66.5%

– Ethnic groups: Nearly 40 ethnic groups, the two biggest being the Ewe in the South and the Kabye in the North.

E-mail Address:alexlily2002@yahoo.com