Malawi, playing her role in global Missions

CMF has worked in Malawi since 2007. An already Christianized country, about 85% of the country of 18million profess to be Christian, they are however mostly nominal.

Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest country in the world, with dozens of NGOs operating there to help improve the well-being of the people.

CMF work started in the country with a strong focus on discipleship and Mission awareness. In 2015 God gave us a vision to see “MALAWI” CHANGE FROM A MISSIONARY RECEIVING COUNTRY TO A MISSIONARY SENDING COUNTRY. Through a study conducted same year, we observed that though Christianity got there in the 1800s, it was difficult to locate Malawians working as missionaries outside Malawi.

CMF operations was based at Mzuzu, the largest city in the north for the first 10 years, however a mission field was opened by December of 2016 among the Nyiha people of northern Malawi; with focus on a holistic( spiritual, physical, economic, social and intellectual) discipleship strategy. We are also starting a Cross Culture Missions School in the same community.

While our focus for the first year is to integrate into the community, God has given us new converts and others rededicating their lives for greater commitment.

Our goal in this community is to take them through a relational process, empowered by God, in which the people of a community grow in their ability to solve their own problems, to take control of their lives, and to reproduce this process in others.

Through this process the thinking and behavior of the people/community become transformed in ways that result in the growth of the whole person and improvement of various aspects of their community life for the glory of God.

Ours goals for the next three years is to raise 50 missions minded disciples and train 100 missionaries. We already have about 25 disciples from different denominations committed to giving and praying for the work. God has also given us a youth who just finished from a youth Bible school as a volunteer Missionary. Work has started on the Mission School site to raise up some buildings.

As God uses our presence in the community to inspire the people, especially because we are English speaking, we guided them to conduct a survey that showed that only 7% of the people have a little understanding of English language. The immediate response of the people is the reviving of the community nursery school by putting up a new structure. A nursery school, evening lesson for primary school children and adult literacy programme have been established. These are not the end but means to effect transformation of the education system in over 120 villages of the people group.


Quick Facts

– Population: 18, 843,387

– Independence: July 6, 1964 (From U.K)

– Capital: Lilongwe

– Official language: English & Chichewa

– Religion: Christianity 86. 9%, Islam 12%, traditional indigenous & other religion 5%

– Literacy: 65.8%

– Ethnic groups: Chewa, Lomwe, Yao, Ngoni, Tumbuka, Nyanja, Sena, Tonga, Ngonde, others

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