June 15, 2020


Thank God for all the missionary families in the Zone. Ask God to continue to uphold them. Pray that God will help our single brothers to marry correctly at the right time. Bless God for the family of Bro S. who is labouring in the Ganagana field. Ask God to protect them and grant them wisdom to do their work in this core Islamic land. Ask God to grant Bro S. sound health. Thank God for the provision of a piece of land. Pray for provision of N2.5 million needed to erect a 3-bedroom flat for accommodation and discipleship Centre. Ask God to supply the needs of the family. 
June 14, 2020


Ask God to open unto us doors of churches, fellowships and connection with individuals for mission awareness and mobilization. Pray for God to prosper our partners in all their undertakings. Pray that God should give us direction, teach us the strategies and fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit to reach out to the Northern migrants in Lagos.
June 13, 2020


Ask God to stir up the hearts of more ministries in the land to open their doors to mission awareness and encourage their willing members for mission work. Pray that God will link us with as many in the land who want to do missions, and need more understanding as well as a platform. SOUTH WEST: EPEME– The church roof is damaged and needed to be repaired especially now that we are in the rainy season, pray for provision of N350, 000 for the repairs. 
June 12, 2020


Our Idaaca brethren in Dassa are worshiping on a hired land. Pray for provision of money to buy a plot of land and payment of Bro Omer the missionary’s house rent. Ask God to give the church in Benin divine revelation to burden them for soul-winning and kindle their zeal for greater commitment to mission work. Pray for the children and youth in this nation to receive divine visitation, hunger for God, and accept eternal life.
June 11, 2020


Ask God to raise more partners for the school, for financial, materials and prayer support. Pray for the provision of a borehole for the school at a cost of about N300, 000. Receive grace for us to fulfill the mandate of God for the school which is to equip labourers with skills for effective and holistic service on the fields. 
June 10, 2020


Thank God for His loving kindness, protection, provision and presence in their families. Pray that God will continue to lead them in His will and purpose for the group. Pray that the voice of the Lord will confront every arrow shot at the group as they stand in gap for the ministry. Pray that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and be discerning. Pray that hearing and obeying God will not be difficult for them.
June 9, 2020


John 1:5 says “That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it”. Pray that the nation of Mali and the Sahel will be attracted and come to the Light that drives away darkness. Ask that the God of All sufficiency will miraculously and mightily provide for the Mission hospital project and sustain our Missionary work force in these challenging times.  MISSIONARIES’ CHILDREN– Appreciate God for His mercy over every one of them. Pray that the fear of God will rule their hearts. Pray that they will be diligent to identify their individual ministry in God’s vineyard and be dedicated to fulfilling it. Ask God to bring all their godly desire into reality. Cover them with the blood of Jesus and declare that no weapon that is formed against anyone of them will prosper.
June 8, 2020


Thank God for the work of Jesus in His church. Pray for children of God, that our minds will always be set on things of the spirit above the desires of the flesh. Ask God to help His servants to preach Christ consistently that they may present men perfect in Christ Jesus (Col 1:28). Stand against every anti-Christ league that opposes the church from preaching the gospel. Ask the Lord to send down revival upon His church in Nigeria and worldwide.
June 7, 2020


Our pupils are increasing in number. Pray that God will bring more pupils by next term as there are many of them at home who are of school age, yet are not released by their parents to enroll in the school due to ignorance about the importance of education. 15 out of the population of the school which is 37, are Muslims. Pray that the Lord will encounter them before leaving the school and that their parents will know the Lord through our visitations and conversations.  NIGERIA– Bless God for the continual existence of Nigeria despite the various challenges of insecurity, social/economic problems, etc. Pray that God will silence the voices that are speaking against the counsel of God for Nigeria. Pray for the knowledge and fear of GOD to cover Nigeria as waters cover the sea. Pray that shame should cover all engineers of violence and that their confidence fails them.