May 25, 2020


Pray for wisdom, funds and the logistics needed to put together the following capacity building training programs. Training in financial management for beneficiaries in empowerment project. Retreat for Liaison officers for ‘Training of mobilisers and the use of gadgets for effectiveness Training for HODS, field leaders and zonal directors.  SCHOOL OF MISSION, IDERE: All things being equal, our students will be posted to fields for practical by this month end, pray for safety, sound health and provisions for each one of them.
May 24, 2020


Give thanks to God for disappointing every reinforcement of the enemy against us and the work. Djimini field has been a target of several attacks, bless God for the salvation of the village chief (the first convert with his wife) that God used on our behalf. Pray that God will strengthen his faith and preserve him from various attacks. Ask the Lord to strengthen His servants and give them more success in delivering this people group as a trophy to the Lord.
May 23, 2020


Thank God for His mercy and defense of His Church. Praise Him for sustaining His children and keeping us through challenging times. Ask God to kindle His Church with zeal to manifest righteousness and serve Him in the power of the Holy Spirit. Bring down every conspiracy and alliance against the Church of God.  YOUTHS: Pray for Christian youths to be built up and established firmly in the faith. Ask God to deliver them from falling to vain deceit and rudiments of the world
May 22, 2020


 Today is the 70th birthday of Rev. Ezemadu, the International Director of Christian Missionary Foundation. Glorify the Lord for His faithfulness towards him all these years. Extol the name of the Lord on his behalf for he has greatly enjoyed the mercy and the goodness of God in all areas of his life especially at the family and ministry levels. Pray for him according to Psalm 92:12-15. Ask God to grant him all the desires of his heart in accordance with God’s Will.  CMF LEADERS: Thank God for keeping them. Pray for them to always hear and obey God’s instructions that they will never turn back from following the Lord. Pray that none of them will be taken by a haughty spirit. Ask the Lord to preserve them and meet them at the point of their needs.
May 21, 2020


Glorify God on our behalf. Cases of kidnapping has reduced drastically but there are those who are still holding on to this dirty business. Ask God to expose them. Thank God for the success of the partnership dinner held in December last year. Pray for those who made commitment to partner with the ministry to remain faithful to their commitment. Pray for discipleship going on in different places to yield fruit and produce godly men and women. Pray for increase in attendance and for God to cause them to hunger and thirst for the word of God. Ask God to revive and quicken those that are sliding back.
May 20, 2020


Praise God for adding to our mission stations in the Zone. Pray for members to grow fast in the knowledge of the Lord and be established in His word. Thank God for safe delivery of Uccu pastor’s wife of a baby girl. Pray for the baby to live and fulfill God’s purpose.  INTERCESSORY TEAM: Appreciate God for His mercy and grace upon the lives of all the members of the team. Ask God to pour His Spirit upon them, to be more zealous and dynamic in their personal relationship with God. Pray for them to see their calling as a privilege of working with God. Pray that God will help each one of them to bear the pain of dying to self to be a correct intercessor. Pray that they will endure to the end and not lose their reward.
July 3, 2019


Implementing our Diaspora Mission Vision-Our Diaspora Mission Vision is Making Disciples of Christ from among the Northern migrant tribes in the South of Nigeria through our existing structures and other means God will provide. Pray that through our Existing Structures in the region (the National Office, SWZ, SEZ, Lagos Liaison Office, Akure and Aba Liaison Office), we shall catch the burden and vision to reach these Northern migrants that have come to our doorsteps.
July 2, 2019


Thank God for our foreign mission. Pray for the International Director, Rev. Reuben Ezemadu for renewed strength, grace and wisdom to perform His tasks. Thank God for Ezekiel Akintayo, the International Liaison Officer for strength and divine insight to carry out his assignment. Pray that all the missionaries and staff in the office would be refreshed of the Lord. Ask for a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit upon our operations. Pray for provision of regular support for all the missionaries working in the office.
July 1, 2019


  We thank God for bringing us into July, the second half of the year. Blessed be His name for His mercies over us, our families, partners, all our loved ones and the ministry. Glory be to God for all that He executed for us in the past months. Ask the Lord to fill our hearts with His love this month as He also works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure. Pray for us to submit to the Lord and use every moment of this month to His own glory. Ask the Lord to keep His protective hand over us and all our loved ones. VINE HERITAGE HOME-Bless the Lord whose mercies endures over the home. Pray according to Psalm 27: 1-4. Ask God to continue to be her light, salvation and strength. Pray that the name of the Lord will continue to be praised and exalted in her midst.