August 3, 2020


Receive open heavens for each missionary labouring on our mission fields/departments, so that they will operate without struggle and gather the bountiful harvest with ease. Pray for fresh unction upon each missionary for their work and activities for the rest of the year. Pray for divine direction and counsel. Pray for protection and safety from both perceived and unperceived dangers. Pray for abundant provision to meet every need for the accomplishment of all projects on the fields, stations, offices and departments. Pray that they will not be weary but mount up with wings as eagles to accomplish much more than before. CMF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (wealth creation from within) –we believe that the resources that we need (human and material) for the harvest are in the harvest. The money and labourers are in the fields. Discovering them, training them and developing them through whole life discipleship will together give birth to a functional CMF business enterprise. The Nigerian National Office wants to pursue some income generating projects for the ministry.Ask God to grant us guidance and wisdom. Pray for them to become a reality.
August 2, 2020


Praise God for bringing us into this month. Bless Him for His manifold blessings and triumph over the enemies of our souls. Thank God for the International Director and his family, for safety in his journeys, provisions and renewal of strength. Ask the Lord to refresh him continually and attend to all his heart’s righteous desires to the glory of God. Pray for the missionaries and staff in the office, ask the Lord to meet them at the point of their needs. Pray that the Lord will rule and reign over their lives and rekindle their zeal and commitment to God’s work.
August 1, 2020


 O Lord our God how excellent is your name in all the earth. Give adoration to the Almighty God for His unfailing mercies and sure promises. Thank God for all round blessings. Pray that we shall gain a fresh revelation of His will and bidding this month. Pray for the best of the month to be released to us and our loved ones. Destroy every pronouncement and voices that are contrary to God’s purpose for our lives and ministry.
June 30, 2020


Thank God for the faithfulness of Bro Fabrice in the Central Region despite all odds. Pray that the souls in the churches planted by him will stand till everlasting despite the threat of Catholicism, alcoholism and witchcraft in that area. Bro Fabrice is about to marry, ask God to provide for his needs and help him to have a good marriage.  YSOM —The June contact training closes today, thank God for all we were able to do and pray for journey mercies as students will be going back to their various stations
June 29, 2020


The Gambia’s economy is based on tourism and this has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects on other aspects of the economy is expected to be huge. Pray for God’s wisdom to reset our economy.  Our education ministry and School activities were also disrupted. Ask God to help us to reset it. The lock down affected the church discipleship meetings, pray that the church will grow deeper root in the Lord.
June 28, 2020


Two of our students are on the field practical, pray for a successful completion. Pray that all of our trainees will finish well and strong to serve God. Pray for provision of all they need to complete their training. 
June 27, 2020


Pray that God will fill us with more courage to advance the work. Ask God to raise more labourers and partners for the work. SOUTH WEST– The zonal vehicle needs urgent repairs for running zonal assignments. Pray for provision of N350, 000 to get it back on the road. We need to complete the Ibarapa and Jesujoye Halls in idere for usage during the convention. Pray for funds for roofing, doors, windows and flooring estimated at 1.5million Naira for one hall.
June 26, 2020


Pray that our mission awareness and mobilization efforts in the land will prosper. Pray for believers and churches in Abeokuta to embrace and do the work of missions better than ever before. YOUTHS IN MISSIONS; come against every evil influence in the hearts of youths which contends against God’s purpose for their lives 
June 25, 2020


Pray that the children will live by the word of God they are hearing. Ask God to provide us with more Christian teachers that are mission minded. Pray for understanding and retentive memory for children from play group to JSS 3. Ask God to encourage the staff and parents with better results. Pray for divine supply of resources that we need for projects such as borehole, a block of classrooms and a hall that can contain 300 pupils.