August 12, 2020


Pray that believers will have a fresh encounter with the Lord that produces repentance and ignite zeal for righteous living. Ask God to raise from among us agents of revival in the land. Ask God to raise labourers who will be deployed to work among the unreached people groups. Ask God to thwart the plans of His enemies against the land.
August 11, 2020


Pray for spiritual and physical conducive environment for discipleship in the Hausa School of missions. Ask God to give us labourers that will help in the translation of the English lecture notes and other materials into Hausa language for ease and effective training.
August 10, 2020


Pray that the Lord will visit the Church and make her a truly renewed habitation of the justice and a mountain of holiness. SOUTH WEST ZONE NIGERIA: IBARAPA A tree is being worshiped in Alapa village. Pull down the god of the Apa tree and god of iron in the land and enthrone the Lordship of Jesus. Pray for D an indigene who accepted Christ, that he won’t be intimidated by friends to backslide. Pray that God will make him a gate way for other youths in the land to be saved.
August 9, 2020


Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over Nigeria. Dethrone every wicked power contending against the prophetic destiny of our country. Prophesy that every wise man targeting Nigeria for destruction be rendered incompetent and foolish.
August 8, 2020


Pray that the Lord will empower them to walk in His ways always, and rescue them from stumbling. Declare that they will fulfill everything that God has purposed for them and make them worthwhile ambassadors of His glorious light in generations. Bless them in the name the Lord.
August 7, 2020


Pray that they will stand firm in Christ. Ask for grace for them to withstand all pressures to desert Christ and the new life and turn to a different gospel. Pray that they will grow in grace and knowledge of God. Pray that they will discover and play their roles in the great commission mandate.
August 6, 2020


Praise God for being merciful and gracious to His servants. Pray that they will not fail to observe God’s status and keep His laws. Ask the Lord to break every gate of brass, and cut the asunder the bars of iron that are working against their lives and work. Pray for their hearts to be fixed, trusting in the Lord for all the righteous desires of their hearts.
August 5, 2020


Glorify God for His wonderful works to every user of this bulletin. Ask the Lord to remember them with His favour and visit them with His salvation at all times. Ask God to strengthen them in righteousness and continue to make His mighty power known through them. INTERCESSORY TEAM Ascribe glory to the Lord for His faithfulness unto the team. Ask the Lord to refine all the members and make them ready for battle against the agenda of the kingdom of darkness. Ask God to strengthen them and make them instrument of praise for Himself. Pray that God will raise more dedicated and faithful intercessors for the fulfillment of His purpose.
August 4, 2020


Bless God for His deeds in the lives of our Partners. Pray that their souls shall be a watered garden. Ask the Lord to satiate them with His fatness and satisfy them with His goodness. Pray that God will calm every storm before them and strengthen them to keep walking in the integrity and fear of God.