April 24, 2018


Pull down the stronghold of the religion of the children of the bondwoman over them. Declare their liberty from every satanic covenant by the covenant of the blood of Jesus.
April 23, 2018


Ask for God’s grace for the wife of the National Director to manage the school they are running successfully and disciple many children for the Lord. MANDARA-Majority are Muslims. Ask that the light of God will shine upon their darkened minds. Ask God for the birth of an indigenous Mandara Church.
April 22, 2018


Changing of money has not been easy, while transfer attracts monthly deduction. Pray that God should raise more helpers from the land here for us. Receive Grace for us to be spiritually vibrant and strengthened by the joy of the Lord at all times.
April 21, 2018


Pray that God will flood the heart of every believer in Benin Republic with light so that they will understand and see the need to live Christ-like. Receive zeal for them to surrender all and reach out to their people. THE CHURCH -Ask the Lord of the harvest to re-visit the church with the power of the Holy Spirit to create a tangible impact in our contemporary world.
April 20, 2018


Pray for the safety of Pastor S as he travels often on a busy highway to conduct worship and discipleship programmes at Bakoteh and Pacholin. Pray for funds to finish the building projects at the two places. Pray that many souls will be transformed by God’s Spirit as they listen to the ministration of God’s word on Manjago Radio preaching ministry on West Coast Radio in Manjago language. Pray for Pst. S as he ministers each week. PARTNERS – Ask God to strengthen and bless our partners and enable them to continue with the important role they are playing in the mission enterprise. Ask God to revive those that are growing weary and bring in new ones.
April 19, 2018


Ask God to sustain the nascent peace now in Ogoni land. Pray that God should deepen Christian conviction and witnessing in the land. Ask God to cut off Islamic incursion from the land. Pray that God should prosper mission work and create burden for the unreached among the Church leaders in the land.
April 18, 2018


Tuition-free Short Term Missions School (SMS). This is an intensive cross-cultural Missionary Training providing individual Christians/congregations opportunity to prepare for involvement in missions work among unreached groups. Church leaders and workers, particularly those in charge of their church’s mission program have found the SMS helpful to their training need. It is a training taken to the door step of the body of Christ. Pray that the Church will make a maximum use of this opportunity to train her members for effective soul winning in their environ and help their church carry out her mission vision.
April 17, 2018


VINE HERITAGE – Destroy every demonic manifestation against the children. Pray against some clan leaders who are still opposing the rescue of the vulnerable children who are victims of the vicious traditional practices. Pray for Samson Oluremi our house technical officer that God will grant his righteous heart’s desires. Pray that God will grant us (Sola& Chinwe) good and unfailing health. Pray that God will provide and touch the hearts of those who made promises to help in some areas. SOUTH-WEST ZONE – Ask God to unite Christian Youths in Idere and mobilize them for His end-time revival. Pray that they will be zealous in evangelizing to deliver to the kingdom of God. Pray for provision of funds to complete the fellowship centre in AbuleEruwa. Ask for the release of the people from the god of the land and pray for their salvation.
April 16, 2018


Ask that God will undertake for the Mission Hospital project in a way only Him can. Commit every step along the way unto His hand (funding, choice of contractor, artisans, regulatory agencies that will supervise etc.). Ask for Divine favour and speed. Ask that the hospital project once begun shall not stop or stall. The ‘Alpha’ will also in the time scale of His choosing be the ‘Omega’. Command the Earth and therein to yield her treasures for this work. Ask God to awaken, mobilize and deploy ‘funders’ he had prepared for this purpose and season. Cover the entire project in the blood of Jesus.