June 15, 2018

Medical Missions and Partners

MEDICAL MISSIONS – The Institute of Medical Missions (IMM), a project of Christian Medical and Dental Association, Nigeria, is a forum for training medical and paramedical students in missions. The training holds in three zones yearly. Pray that these efforts will continually raise an army of medical missionaries that will use holistic medical practice to bring the unreached to the Kingdom. Pray that efforts to mobilize medical personnel for missions will yield abundant fruits. PARTNERS: Pray for Elijah Divine Mission. Ask God to uphold this Ministry and their leaders, perfect His plans concerning them and grant them breakthrough in every aspect of their lives and ministry. Ask God to frustrate the tokens of the liars in the lives, work and ministry of all our partners.
June 14, 2018

DENDI and ADC 2018

DENDI – Most of them live in Benin Republic. In Nigeria they are found mainly in Kebbi state. They are all traditionalists but became Muslims through the Hausas, though they still combine Islam with Bori worship. Pray that Christ be revealed to them. ADC 2018- Pray that as many people from various nations will begin to make plans to travel for the convention, God will undertake for them in every plan and the arrangements they are making. Pray for provisions and safety in all their journeys. Thank God for the preparations that has been made thus far. Ask God to perfect every remaining detail concerning accommodation, feeding, venue, ministers and facilitators. Ask for God’s guidance and anointing on the planning committees.
June 13, 2018

South-South and School of Missions

SOUTH- SOUTH – Thank God for the members of Sampou church who have been very supportive of the Kingdom task and development. Ask God to strengthen their hands for the building of a three-bedroom flat which they started on the church premises.   SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (ENGLISH) – The fencing of the school has been a major need. Pray that God will raise support towards this project.
April 30, 2018


SIERRA LEONE – MANINKA PEOPLE Most of them observe Islamic rituals with little understanding of what they really mean. The New Testament is already available in their language; unfortunately very few of the people can read. Ask the Lord to send forth labourers to work among them. Pray for effectiveness of Jesus film among them. Receive boldness for the Maninka believers to share the love of God with their own people. MISSIONARIES CHILDREN – Pray for children of missionaries to abide under the shadow of the Almighty so that He can be their refuge and fortress. Pray for them to always be in sound spiritual, mental and physical health. Pray that the mercy of God will shield them from all the antics of the enemy. THANKSGIVING: Praise the Lord for the grace for us to pray through the first four months of the year. Thank Him for answers to our supplications. Commit the coming term and remaining months of the year into His hands for guidance, preservation, provision, protection, healing, and outpouring of His Spirit of Grace so that we can remain firmly rooted on His unfailing Word and Love to continue labouring for the Master as we anticipate His soon return. Amen!
April 29, 2018


The Fula Toro of Senegal: They are entirely Muslim people. At the present, only portions of the Bible have been translated into Fulbe Jeeri language. Three mission agencies are currently working among them. Today, there are only 39 known Fula Toro believers out of 665,000 of the total population. Pull down the strongholds of Islam that has kept them bound for many generations. Ask for the light of the gospel to shine upon their darkened hearts. Ask the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts towards Christians so that they will be receptive to the gospel. Ask God to raise up strong local churches among them. Pray that the Lord will give the Fula Toro believers boldness to share Christ with their own people. Ask God to mobilize His children to constantly and consistently intercede for them. MISSIONARIES -Receive grace for missionaries to work uprightly. Ask God to give them knowledge, wisdom, and anointing to do greater exploits. Ask God to load them with every good thing their hearts desire. Pray also for those that feel drained, ask God to pour upon them His Spirit and grant them revival.
April 28, 2018


The Kingdom Development Team is a team of village people we are working with (as the Lord worked with His twelve Disciples). Five out of the eight established members surrendered their lives to Christ. Pray for growth and that they will be grounded in the Lord. Pray for everyone in the team that they will experience wholistic transformation. Ask for the transformation of the entire community as well. Pray for favour and provision of funds to secure accommodation and start work in Ganagana community that we have identified. Bro S. the missionary preparing for the work was involved in a road crash last year and had fractures. Thank God for his recovery and ask God to perfect his healing and that God should equip his family for the mission.
April 27, 2018


Missionaries are people who have various needs. Some have emotional needs. Pray for our single brothers and sisters, that they will experience the joy of serving the Lord. Remind the Lord of His promise to set the lonely in families (Psalm 68: 6).Pray that the Lord will give them their life partners with whom they would serve the Lord together.
April 26, 2018


Pray that their land will be filled with the knowledge and glory of God and they will be drawn into the Kingdom of Christ.
April 25, 2018


Pray that God moves men to provide Scholarship for students in the English-speaking School of Missions, the Yoruba School of Missions and Hausa School of Missions. Pray for open doors to run the Short Term missions School in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos. Pray that through our training mobilization activities, God would raise men, whose waking and sleeping moments are filled with the thoughts of how the CMF vision (of reaching the remaining unreached people groups in Nigeria and beyond) would not die. That God will raise men, at the Zones, on the fields, in the offices and departments, at chapters and liaison offices, skilled in all manners of art necessary for fulfilling this mandate and be committed to it.