June 25, 2018


COTE D’IVOIRE – Ask the Lord to grant safe delivery to the wives of missionaries who are pregnant. Reject any form of complication on their behalf. SOUTH- EAST ZONE -Thank God for the opportunity for mission’s seminar at the Chapel of His Resurrection, Enugu State Teaching Hospital. Pray that the thirty people who volunteered to be involved in missions’ will not draw back on their decision. Ask God to open doors for a week-long missions programme at Our Saviors Chapel UNIPORT.
June 24, 2018


LIBERIA – Pray for good health for all of us as we strive to work as a team. THE ISLAMIC WORLD- What the Lord spoke about Ishmael in Gen 16:11-12 is being fulfilled our eyes today, let’s pray like Abraham that the Ishmael will live before the Lord in holiness and righteousness. Ask that they are delivered from the age-long hatred and animosity. Pray also that they will indeed encounter the Prince of peace in their hearts, homes, businesses and society at large. Pray that the conspiracy and plots against the people of God will be vain. Decree the judgment that is in Isaiah 21:16-17 “within one year, as a servant bound by contract, would count it all the pomp of Kedar will come to an end” (NIV). Ask that their captives might be released to serve the Almighty God.
June 23, 2018


Thank God for the transformation work that is going on among the people. The people are responding though it is slow. Ask God to grant us the patience needed to walk through with the people in this process of transformation happening in the community. NORTH CENTRAL NIGERIA Pray for the provision of N2, 175,000 needed to complete the Zonal Office building in Gwagwalada. Pray for the completion of other buildings in the Zone. Pray that God will continue to meet other needs of the Zone, fields, missionaries, and their families. Pray that all the discipleship efforts in the Zone will be abundantly fruitful.
June 22, 2018


Exalt the Lord who is the same yesterday, today and forever. As we face the challenging tasks and demands ahead, ask that God Almighty will do with us in our days, greater EXPLOITS than in the days of old. Ask that the light of His Countenance will go before us and make every impossible become possible; opening doors, subduing powers/ principalities, bringing souls into the Kingdom and establishing them there. Ask God to manifest Himself as Jehovah- Jireh: let the power of God unlock and release every resource needed in this season.
June 20, 2018


AKURE LIAISON OFFICE – Pray that God will call more technicians and professionals by name like Bezalel to play their roles in reaching the nations. Pray for strength and stability for our partners. Pray that our relationship/partnership with other ministries will yield bountiful results. BENIN REPUBLIC – Pray that the Believers in Benin will stop following the custom of their people. Pray that they will yield to God to transform them and be renewed in their minds.
June 19, 2018


LAGOS LIAISON OFFICE – Pray for the sustenance of the missionary working in the Lagos office. Pray that all ministry activities carried out in the office shall be ordered by God through His Holy Spirit. NWAMC-THE GAMBIA – Ask God to bless our unmarried missionaries and staff members with good spouses and enable them to build God honouring homes and exhibit the beauty of God’s design for marriage. Pray for Pastor George and the work in Kunkujang Keitaya. Ask God to prosper His work and build His Church. Pray for the children ministry he is involved in too. Pray for the Youth Empowerment Summit, our annual discipleship camp for youths, coming up between July 31- August 4
June 17, 2018


YOUTHS – Pray for teachable spirit for youth and children under your care. Ask God to burden the young ones who are versatile in social media to use it for the expansion of God’s Kingdom among the children of the bondwoman and other unreached peoples.
June 17, 2018

Hausa School of Missions and Baruba

HAUSOM – Ask the Lord for provision of resources to complete the hostel and lecture hall of our Hausa School of Missions. BARUBA- Praise God for the on-going effort to raise & multiply disciples among this people group. Ask God to bless the labour of Mission agencies working among them. Pray that God would beam His light on them so that they could see from His light (Psalm 36:9). Pray for the believers among them that they would be grounded and built up in Christ, be strengthened in the faith and stand as His ambassadors. Ask that the glory of the Lord will be seen in them which will attract others to come to the knowledge of the truth. Break the grip of idolatry over the Barubas.
June 16, 2018


MALAWI – Pray for the Nursery School we started with the disciples in the village, that God will help the children to learn and become Disciples of Christ. Pray for faithful teachers for the school, who will be ready to commit themselves to the school programme.