July 4, 2018


Thank God for His faithfulness to the group. Ask God for a deeper revelation of God’s will and counsel for the group. Pray for divine strength and grace for each member to be faithful in this calling. Pray for God’s protection over them and their families.
July 3, 2018


Thank God for three of our sisters that were delivered of their babies. Despite all odds, the Lord preserved the mothers and their babies. Thank God for new people that joined us as missionaries, pray that the Lord will sustain their vision and make them fruitful in their locations.
July 2, 2018


Destroy the stronghold of the devil over them. Pray for the light of the gospel to penetrate their darkened minds. Prophesy that the Ganaganas will seek the Lord, call on Him and forsake the way of other gods and false religions. Declare that they will turn to the Lord in sincere repentance (Isaiah 55:6-7). Pray for the realization of the planned placement of a resident missionary among them.
July 1, 2018


Give thanks to God who led us safely through the first six months of the year 2018. Thank Him for the wisdom, grace, power and unction He made available for our victory and success throughout January to June. Ask God to cleanse you from hidden faults and keep you from deliberate sins. Pray that your words and meditation will be pleasing to God. (Psalm 19:12-14).
June 30, 2018


Pray for fund to establish a base in Dakar to co-ordinate mission mobilization and their training. Ask God to bless the Guyos who volunteer their home for this purpose for now. Pray that God will make our efforts fruitful and the ministry would be favoured and accepted in the country. Pray for journey mercies for Pastor Chinedum as he travels often to Dakar, Senegal overseeing this new field. Pray for provision and journey mercies as the leadership team of CMF North West Africa region plans to attend ADC 2018 in Nigeria.
June 29, 2018


Ask God to raise many disciples from our church in Bakau. Pray that God will bring the people living in Bakau area to the knowledge of Jesus. Destroy every veil that keeps the people in darkness. Pray for the provision of $45,000 needed to finish the purchase of Bakau property. Pray for Evang. Kalusian and the church leadership team. Ask God to prosper the churches in Bakoteh and Pacholi with Christ-like lifestyle and missionary heartbeat. Pray that God will bless their building projects. Pray that the children that Pastor Sam Gomez takes care of will grow to become disciples indeed.
June 28, 2018


BENIN REPUBLIC- Pray for grace for missionaries to remain focused on their primary assignment. Ask the Lord to uphold the missionaries by His mighty hand and meet all their needs. Ask that they will not be tired of doing what is good. (Gal. 6:9). Pray for strength and wisdom for the missionaries to carry on the work. ADC 2018- Ask for God’s glory to rest upon every aspect of the programme. Pray that the Lord will help package the programme to enrich every life that will come. Ask God to mobilize His children to come, those He will use to advance the cause of the gospel and extend the frontiers of His Kingdom.  Pray that through the convention, the Lord will raise a fresh generation of goers, groaners, and givers who will stop at nothing in their quest to reach the least reached nations.
June 27, 2018


BURKINA FASO – Pray for more open doors for mobilization, mission awareness, discipleship and short-term mission training in Ouagadougou and other regions in Burkina Faso. Ask the Lord to make the past short-term mission training more fruitful. Pray for more labourers, missionaries and office staff. Ask God to protect us from every evil scheme, manipulation, and confusion.
June 26, 2018


SOUTH WEST: IBARAPA FIELD –Thank God for the Jesus film backpack with which we show evangelistic films in various communities in the land. Pray that the people we are reaching will respond to the gospel message and abide in the truth. AYETE COMMUNITY- Ask God to establish His Kingdom upon the land and loose the people from Islamic stronghold. Ask for His glorious light to shine upon their hearts, for them to understand, believe and accept the gospel of Christ. Pray that God will empower the hearts of the believers in the land for spiritual warfare and strong determination to rescue the land from the devil. Call into existence the mindset of personal evangelism and demonstration of the power of God’s Spirit in the believers.