July 13, 2018


SOUTH- SOUTH- Thank God for the members of Sampou church who have been very supportive of the Kingdom task and development. Ask God to strengthen their hands for the building of a three-bedroom flat which they started on the church premises. SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (ENGLISH) – The fencing of the school has been a major need. Pray that God will raise support towards this project.
July 12, 2018


BARIBA-Pray that our brethren/disciples in the land will prevail over the forces and stronghold of evil and Islam that are waging war against the people of the land. Request for sufficient grace for us to be fully committed to our assignment and to always be found faithful in the ministry of reconciliation that He has committed into our hands. Ask God to provide for us means of mobility (Vehicles & Motorcycles) to enhance our gospel work in the land. YORUBA SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (YSOM) – Pray for grace for our trainees on the field to make use of what they have learnt in the school to win and disciple souls for Christ. Go against all forms of distraction to do what they were called to do in their various stations.
July 11, 2018


PAROUSIA-Pray for a means of mobility dedicated to Parousia, the need is becoming more pressing by the day. Ask God to add to the team as more hands are needed even as the scope of the assignment expands. EDUCATION MISSION- Pray for funds to complete the primary school buildings and mission base in Awo Efiga, North Central Zone. Pray that God will send more teachers to the school.
July 10, 2018


MEMBER CARE- Jesus’ absolute commitment to God is an example for us about His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. There will be times when what God calls us to do appear to be more than we can face. Pray that at such times missionaries will willingly surrender their wills and accept the will of Our Father in Heaven. Pray that God will help them to bear the pain of dying to self. Pray that they will not lose the glorious reward promised to those who endure to the end. MISSIONARY CHILDREN-Thank God for scholarship opportunities for few of the missionary kids. Pray that more scholarship opportunities be available for others to ease the burden of school fees and other needs on the parents. Pray for all of them to excel in their studies and be in sound mind.
July 9, 2018


THE CHURCH- Pray for the Church to receive wisdom to take appropriate action to solve the problems of Nigeria. Pray that God will also use the compassion of the Church to touch the children of the bondwoman. Ask God to make the Church a house of righteousness and prevailing prayer. MISSION AGENCIES-Ask God to keep them focused and to deliver them from every distraction. Pray that they will be empowered by God to advance God’s Kingdom among the unreached people groups.
July 8, 2018


TRAINING – The Refresher Course for serving missionaries is fixed to take place during the Post ADC. Pray that it will meet the specific needs of the missionaries. RESHE – They are located in Kebbi and Niger States. They are predominantly Muslims. Ask God to deliver them from the bondage of Islam. Pray that the Light of the gospel will shine among the Reshe resulting in massive harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom. Pray that God will deploy labourers to work among them.
July 7, 2018


Over many centuries in Kayes (and indeed the rest of Mali), the devil had built a refuge of lies that give people false confidence/ assurance in Islam and the occult; bringing their culture and worldview into bondage and hardening/ binding them against the truth that is in Jesus. Raise a cry against every refuge of lies/ deception by which the enemy has seduced individuals/ communities/ tribes of Mali, the Sahel and the Maghreb. Route out and destroy every refuge of lies that had thrived in the land up to this moment. Destroy and cancel all covenants with hell and death. Ask that the land be delivered of her captivity and be released to receive the mercy and God’s grace that brought salvation. Fortify the message bearers as they engage the target communities. Ask for boldness to declare the counsel of God and fruits in abundance.
July 6, 2018


Pray for continuous flow of inspiration and the function we need for every publication. Pray that we would remain sensitive in the Spirit to know the mind of God and the dimensions of our operations daily and regularly. Appreciate the Lord for CMF Media Associates, ask God to encourage and inspire them to continue to render the assistance they are offering to the ministry.
July 5, 2018


Pray that leaders would maintain a disciplined daily walk with God and treasure the word of God in their hearts and manifest it in their deeds. Pray that they will not bear the yoke of the enemy in any way. Ask that they will be unfettered and free to fulfil God’s purpose for His work and their lives.