July 23, 2018


Ask the Lord of the Harvest to raise men and women who will go and support the work among our adopted tribes. Reshe, Dendi and Zarma. Pray for the provisions of N200,000 to renovate our accommodation in Zabarmawa Field.
July 22, 2018


 Praise God for journey mercies and success of some of our plans this year. Commit the rest of the plans to God. Ask God to prosper and accompany our labour over these women with fruitfulness. Pray for the women to be empowered to take their place in their homes and in missions.
July 21, 2018


– Pray for the few supporters that we have, who have remained faithful and committed to the work in the zone. Ask God to bless them and watch over all that is theirs. Pray for God to raise more people to identify with our work in the Zone. Ask God to provide for the various needs and projects in the Zone.
July 20, 2018


AKURE LIAISON OFFICE – Pray that God will call more technicians and professionals by name like Bezalel to play their roles in reaching the nations. Pray for strength and stability for our partners. Pray that our relationship/partnership with other ministries will yield bountiful results. BENIN REPUBLIC – Pray that the Believers in Benin will stop following the custom of their people. Pray that they will yield to God to transform them and be renewed in their minds.
July 19, 2018


LAGOS LIAISON OFFICE – Pray for the sustenance of the missionary working in the Lagos office. Pray that all ministry activities carried out in the office shall be ordered by God through His Holy Spirit. NWAMC-THE GAMBIA – Ask God to bless our unmarried missionaries and staff members with good spouses and enable them to build God honouring homes and exhibit the beauty of God’s design for marriage. Pray for Pastor George and the work in Kunkujang Keitaya. Ask God to prosper His work and build His Church. Pray for the children ministry he is involved in too. Pray for the Youth Empowerment Summit, our annual discipleship camp for youths, coming up between July 31- August 4.
July 18, 2018


– Ask the Lord for the provision of resources to complete the hostel and lecture hall of our Hausa School of Missions. – Praise God for the on-going effort to raise & multiply disciples among this people group. Ask God to bless the labour of Mission agencies working among them. Pray that God would beam His light on them so that they could see from His light (Psalm 36:9). Pray for the believers among them that they would be grounded and built up in Christ, be strengthened in the faith and stand as His ambassadors. Ask that the glory of the Lord will be seen in them which will attract others to come to the knowledge of the truth. Break the grip of idolatry over the Barubas.
July 17, 2018


Pray for teachable spirit for youth and children under your care. Ask God to burden the young ones who are versatile in social media to use it for the expansion of God’s Kingdom among the children of the bondwoman and other unreached peoples
July 15, 2018


MEDICAL MISSION- The Institute of Medical Missions (IMM), a project of Christian Medical and Dental Association, Nigeria, is a forum for training medical and paramedical students in missions. The training holds in three zones yearly. Pray that these efforts will continually raise an army of medical missionaries that will use holistic medical practice to bring the unreached to the Kingdom. Pray that efforts to mobilize medical personnel for missions will yield abundant fruits. PARTNERS: Pray for Elijah Divine Mission. Ask God to uphold this Ministry and their leaders, perfect His plans concerning them and grant them breakthrough in every aspect of their lives and ministry. Ask God to frustrate the tokens of the liars in the lives, work and ministry of all our partners.
July 14, 2018


DENDI- Most of them live in Benin Republic. In Nigeria they are found mainly in Kebbi state. They are all traditionalists but became Muslims through the Hausas, though they still combine Islam with Bori worship. Pray that Christ be revealed to them. ADC 2018- Pray that as many people from various nations will begin to make plans to travel for the convention, God will undertake for them in every plan and the arrangements they are making. Pray for provisions and safety in all their journeys. Thank God for the preparations that has been made thus far. Ask God to perfect every remaining detail concerning accommodation, feeding, venue, ministers and facilitators. Ask for God’s guidance and anointing on the planning committees.