August 10, 2018


– Ask for the out pouring of the fear of God in the Land. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Prov1:7). Wisdom leads to excellence which leads to success and to prosperity. Pray therefore that the President of Mali will fear God and not yield to political/ internal/ external pressures (Ps118:8). Ask that every member of the House will be shaken by divine fear and will not push any ungodly law or agenda. Ask God to frustrate every waster/ abuser/ robber of Malian God-given resources whether they be nationals or foreign nations.
August 9, 2018


CHILDREN MINISTRY – “The first step in children ministry is to stop making them object of our ministry and begin to equip them for ministry” (by Jan Bell). Pray that the church would realize the great potential in children and make use of it to the fullest.  “If we are claiming to be strategic and Biblical then we can no longer tear children out of our strategies”(Amy Barstard). Pray for grace for the church and her leaders to recognize and release the gifts of its children.
August 8, 2018


SOUTH-WEST; JESUJOYE FIELD-Praise God for His move upon Jesujoye territory and most especially in the lives of our brethren. Pray that they will grow more and more in unity, spiritual understanding, and in their commitment to the ministry of reconciliation. Ask God to equip their hearts with boldness and confidence to proclaim the gospel. Loose the Fadekan community from idolatry. Ask God to bombard the land with the supernatural power of His Holy spirit to effect conviction in and conversion of their souls as the veil of the devil is removed from their eyes.
August 7, 2018


NORTH-WEST- Pray for the provision of a strong car and a motorcycle for the Zonal Director to ease his visits to the fields. Pray for some brethren that promised to support some children in our schools, that the Lord will help them to fulfil their promises. YORUBA SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (YSOM) – Pray that God will raise more volunteers for mission work to be trained in our Yoruba School of Missions. Pray for those that already heard the call not to be disobedient to ‘heavenly’ vision.
August 6, 2018


Pray for missionaries labouring among the Fulani/ Fulbe to be focused, encouraged, committed, and able to identify with the culture and overcome several cultural barriers in evangelizing them. INTERCESSORY GROUP – Pray that the members of the group will be sensitive in the spirit and walk in righteousness as servants of God. Ask God to remember them for financial prosperity to fulfill their family responsibilities.
August 5, 2018


Pray for literacy efforts going on among the Fulanis in several West Africa countries. Pray that God will provide Fulani believers with necessary skills to become literacy teachers among their own people. SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (ENGLISH) – Thank God for the commitment of our lecturers to the training of missionaries. Pray that God will remember and bless them beyond measure for their labour of love.
August 4, 2018


The menace of the Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria is a calculated attempt to complete the age-long plan of the Jihadists to overrun Nigeria. They have been boasting about this and find in the present regime a good opportunity to execute such plan to a conclusion. Since this counsel and conspiracy are against the plans and counsel of the Lord for Nigeria, declare such as null and void, and decree that it is only the counsel of the Lord that will stand.
August 3, 2018


Pray for the growth of few Fulani Fulbe believers across West Africa. Pray for their growth that they become organized and burdened to share their faith with other Fulanis. Ask God to raise men and women from among Churches in West Africa to catch a missionary heart to reach the Fulanis.
August 2, 2018


The Fulani tribe is identified as Islamic couriers in West Africa. They are found nearly in every country in West Africa. Very few Fulani are known to be Christians. The Fulani ethnic group is a major tribal block of the unreached people groups in Africa that needs to be evangelized – Pray for the transcription of the Bible from Roman Script into an Arabic Script which so many Fulbe people can read. Pray for all other translation work going on among the Fulani across West Africa, that there will be skilled Fulani believers to co-translate the Bible into Fulfulde.