June 21, 2020


Pray for more boldness for all our missionaries to preach the gospel to the Fulani and all our target groups despite all forms of intimidation and threats. Pray for God’s protection to be upon all of us. Ask God to comfort the missionary working in Y field who lost one of his Fulani converts, and that the family of the deceased will come to the knowledge of God.
June 20, 2020


Ask God to strengthen our local pastors spiritually and physically. Some of our pastors need means of mobility, pray for provision of four motorcycles. Pray for our women to continue to grow in the Lord and walk in His ways. EDUCATION MISSION: GADON ALLAH (GOD’S HERITAGE) NUR/PRY SCHOOL, IRI: Praise God for His faithfulness in meeting our needs, protection over the staff and the pupils and for seeing us through difficult times. Bless the Lord for the provision of fund to plaster our school and hostel mud blocks building being washed away by rain. Pray that Christ be formed in the lives of the pupils. Pray that God would deliver them from hereditary characters like stubbornness, unforgiveness and anger. Pray for spiritual hunger and thirst for God in the hearts of the youth and children of the land and that they would be delivered from the spirit of immortality.
June 19, 2020


Thank God for helping us to start three chapters for mission’s prayer meetings in different locations in the North. There is an uptick of mission awareness in the country, Bless God for various moves of the Holy Spirit.  EDUCATION MISSIONS CMF MALAWI: Thank God for progress. The school has expanded to primary level in order to accommodate the first set of graduates from kindergarten into primary school. Pray for provision of N70, 000 monthly for subsidizing the salary of workers. Ask God to grant us favor with the government for registration of the school.  
June 18, 2020


AGBO FIELD: Pray that God will restore peace to Agbo community. Pray against kidnappers in the land, because of the kidnapping of Landlords and strangers people are running away from the community. Receive wisdom and understanding for the pastor to shepherd the flock. Pray for him to be encouraged and strengthened by the Lord.
June 17, 2020


Pray for wisdom for the team to carry out the objectives of the team to the glory of God. Ask God to help the team members to see potentials embedded in the objectives of the Department. Pray that God will help them to channel the objectives effectively. Receive grace for them to facilitate the accomplishment in their various zones.
June 16, 2020


Our motto is “Holistic Health Care for the Neglected” Ask God to continue to make our hands extension of His hand for the healing and deliverance of nations. Thank the Lord for the provision of a rugged wide-body pick-up truck He provided for our rural areas medical mission outreaches recently through the contributions and sacrifices of some of our members and partners. Pray that the truck will serve the purpose for which the Lord has provided it and that He will in turn bless the channels He has used in making this provision.  SOUTH EAST ZONE—Thank God for our medical and welfare outreaches. Pray that God will sustain all souls won and perfect the healing of the sick ones. Pray for more volunteer medical and health workers to join the team. Ask God to supply us with medical equipments, drugs, and first aid and delivery kits. Pray for provision of an outreach bus for the women.
June 15, 2020


Thank God for all the missionary families in the Zone. Ask God to continue to uphold them. Pray that God will help our single brothers to marry correctly at the right time. Bless God for the family of Bro S. who is labouring in the Ganagana field. Ask God to protect them and grant them wisdom to do their work in this core Islamic land. Ask God to grant Bro S. sound health. Thank God for the provision of a piece of land. Pray for provision of N2.5 million needed to erect a 3-bedroom flat for accommodation and discipleship Centre. Ask God to supply the needs of the family. 
June 14, 2020


Ask God to open unto us doors of churches, fellowships and connection with individuals for mission awareness and mobilization. Pray for God to prosper our partners in all their undertakings. Pray that God should give us direction, teach us the strategies and fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit to reach out to the Northern migrants in Lagos.
June 13, 2020


Ask God to stir up the hearts of more ministries in the land to open their doors to mission awareness and encourage their willing members for mission work. Pray that God will link us with as many in the land who want to do missions, and need more understanding as well as a platform. SOUTH WEST: EPEME– The church roof is damaged and needed to be repaired especially now that we are in the rainy season, pray for provision of N350, 000 for the repairs.