July 29, 2018


– Pray for Pastor Christian who is planting a church at Bayakh in the suburb of Dakar. Ask God to establish the work. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we screen to evaluate and determine the status of other volunteers for the work in Senegal.
July 28, 2018


– Pray to the Lord for great and effectual doors to open for the gospel among the Fulanis. Ask the Lord to give us Fulfulde speaking disciples who will be willing to work with us. Pray that our efforts to reach the Gurunsis will be fruitful. Ask God to grant us favour with the village heads for outreaches.
July 27, 2018


– Thank God for the full recovery of Bro. S, the missionary who is preparing to work among the Ganaganas. Pray that God will continue to equip his family for the task. We have two fields among the Nupes in Lapai LGA of Niger State which have been a hard nut to crack. Pray for open doors, open hearts, and open hands for a lasting and effective work among these tribes.
July 26, 2018


– Receive grace for them to withstand the pressures of work, family members, leadership and places of abode. Pray for grace and power to stand firm against the wiles of the ‘sons and daughters of the land’. Ask that God should enable them to cast their burdens to the Lord so that they would not be burnt out or worn out by their thoughts, concerns and worries. Ask the Lord to reach to them and provide help for them so that they will use this stage of their lives to prepare and plan for their future.
July 25, 2018


SINGLE MISSIONARIES Singleness is one of the stages of life that everyone passes through. Like other stages of life, being single has both strengths and weaknesses. There are lots of opportunities available to singles only, many struggles and challenges are peculiar to them. Strengths of singles: Quick decision making; easy movement and relocation; less distraction, singleness in motive/concentration etc. Struggles/ Challenges: Lack of partner for companionship and encouragement; the enemy uses this as an avenue to launch barrages of attacks (in form of temptations, accusations, depression etc). Singleness may not be acceptable in some culture; this poses a hindrance to their ministries. Pressure (to get married) by family members, friends, colleagues or even leaders. Advancing in age is also a threat. At times, the daughters of Moab (Num 25) and sons of Harmor (Gen 34) may also flaunt themselves to take advantage of them. Leadership may also put pressure on a task which may not be easy to accomplish as a single. Fear of the future, the unknown, etc. – Thank God for all the single missionaries. Thank God for how far He has used them and still equipping them. Pray that God should help them to further take advantage and make good use of the strength and opportunities that are available only to singles, to run faster and reach farther. Pray that God should shield them from people that come into their lives with ulterior motives, (the temptation to sin, false accusation, criticism, etc). Use Psalm 68:6 and Ex 1:21 to pray that God would put them in houses/families of their own.
July 24, 2018


– Thank God for watching over Pastor Alikama and family. Ask God to grant a breakthrough for the church planting work in Bansang. Pray that God should open many unreached villages around Bansang that are entrenched in Islam for the light of the gospel. Ask God to protect Pastor Amos as he engages in surveying unreached villages. Ask God to provide a missionary team to work in Kudang, Pastor Amos travels almost 60km weekly to minister at this station.
July 23, 2018


Ask the Lord of the Harvest to raise men and women who will go and support the work among our adopted tribes. Reshe, Dendi and Zarma. Pray for the provisions of N200,000 to renovate our accommodation in Zabarmawa Field.
July 22, 2018


 Praise God for journey mercies and success of some of our plans this year. Commit the rest of the plans to God. Ask God to prosper and accompany our labour over these women with fruitfulness. Pray for the women to be empowered to take their place in their homes and in missions.
July 21, 2018


– Pray for the few supporters that we have, who have remained faithful and committed to the work in the zone. Ask God to bless them and watch over all that is theirs. Pray for God to raise more people to identify with our work in the Zone. Ask God to provide for the various needs and projects in the Zone.