August 28, 2018


MALAWI – Pray that God will grant us grace, enablement and good health to continue the work. PRISCILLA MISSION- Ask God to increase our support base and make it easy for us to carry out our plans. Pray that God should bless the team with good health and sustain us with abiding presence.
August 27, 2018


-Pray that God would raise leaders across the nations at every stratum of the government who will serve in various capacities, serving the nation and their generation by the grace of God.
August 26, 2018


– God is raising an unprecedented prayer movement in history by raising a 24 hour- prayer watch around the world. Pray for the sustenance of the prayer networks where they exist and the establishment of more where none exists. Pray for proper prayer information for the Church in Africa. Ask that Holy Spirit will help the church to pray aright. Pray that more people would be mobilized for prayers to enhance the Missions advance. (Matthew 9: 38).
August 25, 2018


– Pray for the success of an outreached planned for September 7-9 in Awo. Pray for open doors to mobilize the Church of God and other Christian groups in the Zone for missions. Ask God to make a way for us to have a liaison office and officer in Abuja metropolis. Pray for the supporters and partners of the Zone. Ask God to prosper the works of their hands and reward their labour of love.
August 24, 2018


– Pray that more women would be raised to be involved in the task of world evangelization. Pray to break the yoke of tradition and culture around the world (E.g. Middle East, Asia, and Africa) that are not allowing women to develop to the full measure of the stature of the Lord. Pray that change would occur in the cultures and traditions which impoverish women, deny them education and rights to make a decision to serve God. Ask for freedom for these women around the world. AKURE LIAISON OFFICE- Ask God to open the hearts and hands of His people in the land to minister and support His work out of their substance.
August 23, 2018


– The CMF and World Missions Centre are collaborating to start Live Video School at Idere or Ibadan. Live school is still a complete missions training program consisting of 242 video teaching hours on digital Hard Disk, with 27 courses in the curriculum. It is to give an opportunity for civil servants, teachers, and others who may not be able to attend the regular school, to be trained on a part-time basis. Lectures will hold weekends, starting from January 2019; Fridays: 2-6pm (4hrs), Saturday: 9-12pm, 3-6pm (6hrs). Pray that God will perfect the planning for the school to start by January 2019.
August 22, 2018


– Ask the Lord to bless everyone who has been supporting us with prayers, counsel, materials and money. Pray that God will fill their hearts with joy, draw them closer to Himself and enrich them in every area. Ask God to protect our family members and provide for their needs. Pray that God will keep them in His will and help them to keep growing spiritually.
August 21, 2018


MALI – FORGING AHEAD IN THE STRENGTH OF GOD- Ask God that by His Spirit will increase the faith of every team member. Pray for a superlative manifestation of God’s power as we engage the Land with the Gospel. Ask that the strength to oppose the gospel by Malians will be taken away from them by the ALMIGHTY. Rather the word of the Lord shall increase and grow across the length and breadth of the country. BENIN REPUBLIC – Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen and encourage the disciples to remain true to their faith in Christ Jesus.
August 20, 2018


– Pray for Pst J. Jatta, the National Director and his family. Ask God to strengthen and bless him as he performs multiple roles combined with studying in the university and taking care of his home. Pray for increased grace.