August 7, 2018


NORTH-WEST- Pray for the provision of a strong car and a motorcycle for the Zonal Director to ease his visits to the fields. Pray for some brethren that promised to support some children in our schools, that the Lord will help them to fulfil their promises. YORUBA SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (YSOM) – Pray that God will raise more volunteers for mission work to be trained in our Yoruba School of Missions. Pray for those that already heard the call not to be disobedient to ‘heavenly’ vision.
August 6, 2018


Pray for missionaries labouring among the Fulani/ Fulbe to be focused, encouraged, committed, and able to identify with the culture and overcome several cultural barriers in evangelizing them. INTERCESSORY GROUP – Pray that the members of the group will be sensitive in the spirit and walk in righteousness as servants of God. Ask God to remember them for financial prosperity to fulfill their family responsibilities.
August 5, 2018


Pray for literacy efforts going on among the Fulanis in several West Africa countries. Pray that God will provide Fulani believers with necessary skills to become literacy teachers among their own people. SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (ENGLISH) – Thank God for the commitment of our lecturers to the training of missionaries. Pray that God will remember and bless them beyond measure for their labour of love.
August 4, 2018


The menace of the Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria is a calculated attempt to complete the age-long plan of the Jihadists to overrun Nigeria. They have been boasting about this and find in the present regime a good opportunity to execute such plan to a conclusion. Since this counsel and conspiracy are against the plans and counsel of the Lord for Nigeria, declare such as null and void, and decree that it is only the counsel of the Lord that will stand.
August 3, 2018


Pray for the growth of few Fulani Fulbe believers across West Africa. Pray for their growth that they become organized and burdened to share their faith with other Fulanis. Ask God to raise men and women from among Churches in West Africa to catch a missionary heart to reach the Fulanis.
August 2, 2018


The Fulani tribe is identified as Islamic couriers in West Africa. They are found nearly in every country in West Africa. Very few Fulani are known to be Christians. The Fulani ethnic group is a major tribal block of the unreached people groups in Africa that needs to be evangelized – Pray for the transcription of the Bible from Roman Script into an Arabic Script which so many Fulbe people can read. Pray for all other translation work going on among the Fulani across West Africa, that there will be skilled Fulani believers to co-translate the Bible into Fulfulde.
August 1, 2018


THANKSGIVING –Thank God for another month and His mercies and grace which have ushered us into this glorious and wonderful month, the month of ADC 2018. Ask for the grace to stay close to the Lord in this new month. Pray that each day in the month will declare the glory of God and fulfil His counsel. ADC 2018 – Pray that God will move in His mightiness so much that people will cry out in genuine repentance and surrender their lives to Christ. Pray for the visitation of God upon the children, teenagers, and youth. Ask God to meet the participants at the point of their needs and have everlasting testimonies to the glory of God. Pray that through the convention, the Lord will expose the giants in the seven mountains of influence, in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria where CMF works as well as in the foreign nations that are challenging us to rise up to confront them.
July 31, 2018


Ask God to guide the leadership of the ministry to make the right decisions and take the right steps at every point in time. Pray for CMF not to deviate from the original vision received from God. Pray for: A fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our workers A new generation of young skillful workers and partners to replace our aging workforce and dwindling partnership base A breakthrough on hard grounds on which we labour and a multiplication of believers in Christ and churches among our targeted unreached peoples
July 30, 2018


– Pray that God will show good, biblical models of marriages to singles, lest they see the awkward ones and even despair of marriage itself. That God help them not to miss out in the choice of their life partners. Pray that God should surround them with people that would give them needed attention, encouragement and support. Use Prov. 20:29 and 1 John 2: 14 to pray that they will remain strong and work in victory.