September 15, 2018


Thank God for the healing of Samuel our Bishilo church leader.  Praise God for the addition of a missionary to the school in Kamberi field.  Bless the name of the Lord for the growth of Anaba-NguwaMakeri church, pray for the provision of ten bags of cement to plaster their fellowship centre.  Pray for all the pregnant women in our stations that the Lord should keep watch over them and grant them easy and safe delivery like the Hebrew women. Pray for the provision of N2.3 million to complete our zonal accommodation, the house rent is due for another payment.
September 14, 2018


Thank God for His help thus far in 2018.  Pray that His pleasure will continue to prosper in our hands.  Pray that many will be drawn to righteousness through us and many will be established in Him from among the unreached.  Thank God for the success of our outreaches to a Fulani camp where about 150 of them were attended to medically and spiritually.  Pray that the fruits of the outreach will abide.
September 13, 2018


CONVERTS AND DISCIPLES – Receive grace and boldness for every disciple in our fields to be light and salt in their communities. DIASPORA MISSION – We have been informed that a Chinese Church has been planted by some brethren reaching out to them at Ojota-Lagos China Market. Pray that this church will march on and the gates of hell will not prevail against it in Jesus name. AKURE LIAISON OFFICE – Praise the Lord who healed us when we were terribly sick.  Thank Him for the provision of a means of mobility and all the channels He has been using to support us.
September 12, 2018


Thank God for all the resources with which God has blessed the Nigeria Church.  Ask the Lord for His mercies and forgiveness on all areas we have failed God both at individual and corporate level.  Ask the Lord to cleanse His church and send upon us the revival of righteousness, holiness, power and love that will rekindle our passion for the Great Commission.  Pray that God will look down from heaven and trouble the hosts who take thought together to do evil, exterminate the Church and thwart the purpose of God for Nigeria. Ask God to take off their wheel of progress and make driving their chariots of war difficult.
September 11, 2018


Bless the Lord for His care and protection over all our pupils, students and teachers in their different locations.  Thank God for sustaining the schools despite all the challenges.  Pray that the Lord will open the hearts of all the pupils and students to receive the gospel, be genuinely born again and stand firm for Christ. Pray that God will provide the fund to complete their construction of a block of classrooms that wind destroyed at Heritage of God College in Ningurume, Bariba field.
September 10, 2018


MALI-. Continue to pray over the Mission Hospital Project, that the arm of the Lord will be revealed in its execution by the miraculous supply of the needed funds and equipment, that our God, who is the builder of all things, will superintend the project. Women in Missions – Women have contributed immensely to the cause of world evangelization.  Pray that more women will be raised to be involved in the task of world evangelization.  Pray to break the yoke of traditions and culture around the world e.g. in the Middle –East, Asia, Africa that are not allowing women to develop to the full measure of the stature of the Lord.
September 9, 2018

Intercessory Group

Intercessory Group –Appreciate the Lord God for this arm of the CMF and all that the Lord is doing through them.  Thank God for answers to prayers in the past, bless Him for that which He will do presently and for what lies ahead in the future.  Receive grace for the group to persevere in effective prayers. Ask the Lord to uphold them with His righteous hand and to strengthen them always. Diaspora Mission –We are aware that there are some outreach efforts among the Diaspora Chinese going on at International Trade Fair Complex and Alaba International Markets in Lagos State. Pray that the Lord will prosper such efforts and that many of the Chinese will find salvation for their souls.
September 8, 2018


Plead for the mercy of God over Nigeria. Ask God to give us peace in our land.  Pray that the expectation of the wicked for Nigeria be disappointed.  Ask the Lord to visit Nigeria with His salvation and open the hearts of Nigeria to come to the saving knowledge of God in order to call upon the name of the Lord to be saved.  Destroy every evil agenda, influence and activities of the children of the bondwoman in Jesus name.
September 7, 2018


Partners –Praise God for all our partners.  Thank God for enabling them to continue partnering with us.  Pray for our partners who are going through difficult times (sickness, business failure etc.) that God will intervene in their situations, destroy every work of the devil in their lives and grant them victory.  Ask God to watch over all our partners and keep them from falling, to present them faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. The body of Christ – Pray concerning the ‘Medianites and Amorite of the land who threaten the body of Christ and proclaim the Lord would not rule over them.  Pronounce the judgment written for the unrepentant in Isaiah 45:9-10 concerning those who strive against their maker.