September 3, 2018


 Appreciate and give glory to the Lord for His sovereignty concerning the office.  Thank God for journey mercies granted to us daily.  Bless the name of the Lord for meeting the needs of the staff in particular and the office in general.  Thank God for all the individuals, churches and groups that have contributed in diverse ways for the well-being of the missionaries, staffs and the office.  Ask God to bless them and make fat their base for them to have much for their use and further ministering.  Pray for the new National Director, ask God to give him the spiritual and physical strength to effectively coordinate the work in Nigeria.  Pray also for the immediate past National Director and his family that their labour will not go unrewarded.
September 2, 2018


INTERNATIONAL OFFICE/CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Thank God for the International Director and his family.  Appreciate God on behalf of the missionaries and staffs that are working in the office.  Bless God for all the provision made for the office to function effectively and in touch with the missionaries on the field constantly.  Thank God for providing money to give stipend and run the office monthly.  Pray for all-round increase for Rev. Ezemadu and his family.  Ask God to renew his strength daily.  Pray to God that his whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Receive grace for the missionaries and staffs to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.  Pray for divine provision for everyone’s need. Diaspora Mission  Thank God for burdening the hearts of some Churches and Ministries on the need to start ministering to the Diaspora people in Nigeria. Already there are ongoing ministries among the Diaspora Chinese, Indians and Indonesians in Lagos and Ogun States. This is an area that the Lord has been putting in our hearts to focus on as CMF. Pray that the Lord raises from among us or outside the labourers that are going to champion this cause.
September 1, 2018


Give thanks unto the Lord and proclaim that His name be exalted on high. Praise God for He is good and His mercies endures forever. Thank God for bringing you forth into a new month. Receive grace to walk in His statutes, keep His commandment and do them.  Pray that the Lord should make you fruitful, multiply you and establish His covenant with you this month (Lev.29:9). Thank God for the success of our convention ADC 2018 last month.  Declare that the impact of the convention will not be lost but produce abundant fruits for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.
August 31, 2018


THE CHURCH – IN RUSSIA, there is a great need for mentoring of fathers both in the church and families. Pray that the Lord would raise father figures and role models in His church and the Russian society. MILITANT AND ANTI-CHRISTIAN ACTIVITIES ARE COMMON IN PAKISTAN, INDIA, INDONESIA AND BANGLADESH. Pray for the perseverance on the part of Christians in these countries as they face death daily in their witness to Christ.
August 30, 2018


– Pray for peace and stability during campaigns and after the election that will come up next year. Come against every blood-sucking demon responsible for bloodshed in the land. HAUSA SCHOOL OF MISSIONS – Ask for God’s enablement for the Principal to effectively coordinate the affairs of the school. Pray for the provision of the financial needs of the students and staff.
August 29, 2018


SENEGAL – Pray for the Meribole family as they lead the work of CMF in North West Africa region. Pray for their children to continue to grow in godliness, wisdom and spiritual understanding. Ask God to provide for their education.
August 28, 2018


MALAWI – Pray that God will grant us grace, enablement and good health to continue the work. PRISCILLA MISSION- Ask God to increase our support base and make it easy for us to carry out our plans. Pray that God should bless the team with good health and sustain us with abiding presence.
August 27, 2018


-Pray that God would raise leaders across the nations at every stratum of the government who will serve in various capacities, serving the nation and their generation by the grace of God.
August 26, 2018


– God is raising an unprecedented prayer movement in history by raising a 24 hour- prayer watch around the world. Pray for the sustenance of the prayer networks where they exist and the establishment of more where none exists. Pray for proper prayer information for the Church in Africa. Ask that Holy Spirit will help the church to pray aright. Pray that more people would be mobilized for prayers to enhance the Missions advance. (Matthew 9: 38).