April 20, 2019


Pray that every strategy and plans of the enemy against CMF work in Benin Republic will not stand. Ask for spiritual growth and maturity for our converts and disciples. Receive for us team spirit and unity of purpose.  Pray that everyone involved in CMF vision shall cooperate with God to follow His instruction and build according to His pattern.  Rebuke every party spirit, individualism and selfish ambition.
April 19, 2019


Today is observed in the Christian world as the day the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross to pay for the sins of mankind. Thank the LORD for paying such a sacrifice for us. Pray that the reality of that supreme sacrifice will dawn on us again and spur us up to intensify our witness to the unsaved who no longer need to perish for not appropriating the substitutionary death of the Lamb of God. SOUTH-SOUTH– Praise God for every CMF family and our supporters in the Zone. Pray for grace of tolerance for couples, destroy any plan of the devil to break homes. Ask God to give them strength to overcome their challenges. Pray for some of our women that are expecting fruit of the womb to receive answers to their prayers.
April 18, 2019


Pray for N2, 175, 000 needed to complete the zonal office building in Gwagwalada. Pray for the completion of other buildings in the Zone. Pray that God will meet other needs of the Zone, fields, missionaries and their families. MEMBER-CARE: It is said that it is not only that the Labourers Are Few, but the Few Labourers have become endangered species due to hostile environments in which they serve, lack of adequate supplies, exposure to conditions which undermine their health, and several other dangers they face. We should continually bear these conditions in mind when we are praying for the missionaries. We should also ask that the Lord will preserve, protect, and provide for all that will guarantee immunity for the missionaries against such hazards so that they will be in wholeness of body, soul and spirit in serving the Lord.
April 17, 2019


Pray for financial support for our missionaries teaching in Awo-Efiga School. Pray for God’s protection over the teachers and pupils of our schools. PURSUING THE MAIN PRIORITY OF MISSIONS: It is CMF’s priority to direct our energy at where it matters most i.e. reaching the unreached and concentrating on activities that will give priority to wherever the gospel has not taken root. However, there are many other things, though good in themselves, but are not strategic to make a difference in accomplishing the Great Commission. Pray that we will maintain our bias and focus on “the lost sheep”, “the unclaimed mountains”, “the bypassed territories”, “the neglected ripe harvest”, etc, as well as the pursuit of the holistic ministry which aims at “Reaching the WholeMAN with WholeWORD in the WholeWORLD”.
April 16, 2019


Pray that the vision for the mission school will not die. Pray that God will establish our indigenous missionaries more and more. SERVING KINGDOM AGENDA:Apart from pioneering the early stages of the national mission association in Nigeria, CMF leaders have continued to play roles at the national, zonal, State, and local levels of the promotion of cooperative efforts in carrying the Great Commission. The same is applicable at the continental and global arenas of missions. Thank God for such opportunities. Ask for His grace to be discerning between that which is serving the Kingdom agenda and the ones that are distracting us from the core ministry and values we have imbibed from the Lord.
February 2, 2019


Praise God, the strength of our hearts and our portion forever. Appreciate God on behalf of Rev. Reuben Ezemadu and his family for increase and manifold blessings. Pray that the enemy shall not exact upon him, nor the sun of wickedness afflict him. Thank God for the missionaries and staffs, ask God to favour them and cause them to flourish in every area of live and ministry. Ask God to increase the support base of this office and provide for all the financial and material needs.
January 31, 2019


Ask God to help Nathalie and Guy Guyo as they plant a church and organize mission training. Pray that God would uphold them and prosper their ministry. Ask God to shield their children and the young church in Dakar. The Wolof of Senegal numbered 6,021,000 with 99.49% Islam and 0.00% Evangelical Christian have been closed to Christianity for many years sadly, however, very few of them have become Christians. Demolish the stronghold of Islam and every other thing preventing them from accepting the message of the gospel. Pray that the light of the gospel will shine in their hearts and mind. Pray for the few believers among them that they would be courageous to share the love of Christ with their own people and be strong enough for persecution. Pray for yourself Bless the Lord for bringing you & your household to the last day in the month of January. Appreciate Him for all your were able to do & achieve since the beginning of the year Pray for God’s help to move on in the pursuiant of God’s plan/purpose for your life & household .
January 30, 2019


Bless God for the growth of King’s Kids Foundation School in Gbanyan. Thank God for the provision of funds towards the construction of the school buildings. Pray that these kids be groomed holistically in living the life of Christ and as shining lights in their academic pursuits. Pray that the Lord would bless the church planting efforts in the fields. Pray for the growth of the fellowship center started in Nornveleh town. . . CORPORATE LIAISON & RESOURCE MOBILIZATION – Pray that just as God stirred up the heart of King Cyrus of Persia to build him a temple in Jerusalem, He will stir up the hearts of His children in different places and works of life to contribute their quota to the advancement of God’s Kingdom among the nations. Pray that they would use their influence and position of authority to mobilize volunteers who will go and give, as well as release resources under their stewardship needed for the proclamation of the gospel among the unreached people groups.
October 25, 2018


Pray that the Lord would secure for us the land on which the missionary training institute is built. Pray for the provision of 27, 000, 000 CFA needed to construct health centre on the property. Pray also that God should provide a car for the institute.