September 21, 2018


Praise God for His faithfulness to us in the School. September 30 is the resumption date for YSOM students for October contact. Pray for journey mercies and ask God for provision of needs for the students. Go against all distractions in their ways that can cause them not to continue or complete their training. Ask God raise support for the school, trainers and the students. BURKINA FASO –Appreciate the Lord with us for the outcome of several film and village outreaches in Sapouy and the surrounding villages. Bless God for conversion of souls and vital relationship with some pastors in the region. Ask God to establish the converts and grant them total deliverance from the surrounding influences. Pray for the establishment of the few disciples we are nurturing at Sapouy who are in the midst of very strong influence of alcoholism and immorality. Ask God to give them boldness to give themselves totally to the Lord.
September 20, 2018


Praise God for the opportunity to wait on Him and receive renewal of strength which enables us to do exploits. Pray for more labourers to be raised for harvesting the nations in London-corner. Ask God for revival in the Yoonu Dega Gi Church to awaken members and enable them to reach the lost. Pray for the missionary family in Bansang. Ask God to renew their strength and to fill them with His blessings and wisdom.
September 19, 2018


Ask God to transform the lives of the students and help them pattern their lives after Christ. Receive grace for the trainers also to model Christ likeness. Pray for God’s provision to complete ongoing projects in the School: Classrooms N681,150; completion of the existing 8–room hostel and furnishing the lecture’s room N566, 050; Completion of 4-room apartment N1, 479, 400
September 18, 2018


Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy toward us. Thank God for the provision towards our house and making it possible for us to move in. Pray for Mama Murine Nakanba that is battling with cervical cancer at its final stage for God’s intervention. Pray also for divine healing for Mr. Solomon that is paralyzed from the waist down. Continue to pray for us, that our Temporary Employment Permit (TEP) will be approved soon. Pray for resources to build the Nursery School structures before the beginning of the next session.
September 17, 2018


Bless the name of the Lord for all our trainers, for their selfless labour over the lives of the students. Pray that they will not miss their reward. Our students have since resumed lectures after their field practical. Thank God for divine provision and protection for each one of them and the experiences they got in the course of the field practical. Pray that they will retain all that they have learnt and that they would not lose sight of what God has called them to do.
September 16, 2018


Bless the name of the Lord who has kept us alive and spared our lives from the hands of the wicked. He has been granting us safety in all our journeys, and using his servants to meet our needs. We run Children Bible Club in the mission house; the children are many and are committed to the fellowship which holds twice a week. Pray that they will understand the message of the gospel and come to the knowledge of the truth. THE FULBES – Pray for the translation of the Roman script into Arabic script which many of them can read. Pray for other translation work going on among the Fulanis of Africa that their will be skilled Fulani believers to translate the scripture to Fulfulde. Pray for literacy efforts going on among the Fulanis in several West Africa countries. Pray that God will provide the Fulani believers with necessary skills to become literacy teachers among their own people.
September 15, 2018


Thank God for the healing of Samuel our Bishilo church leader.  Praise God for the addition of a missionary to the school in Kamberi field.  Bless the name of the Lord for the growth of Anaba-NguwaMakeri church, pray for the provision of ten bags of cement to plaster their fellowship centre.  Pray for all the pregnant women in our stations that the Lord should keep watch over them and grant them easy and safe delivery like the Hebrew women. Pray for the provision of N2.3 million to complete our zonal accommodation, the house rent is due for another payment.
September 14, 2018


Thank God for His help thus far in 2018.  Pray that His pleasure will continue to prosper in our hands.  Pray that many will be drawn to righteousness through us and many will be established in Him from among the unreached.  Thank God for the success of our outreaches to a Fulani camp where about 150 of them were attended to medically and spiritually.  Pray that the fruits of the outreach will abide.
September 13, 2018


CONVERTS AND DISCIPLES – Receive grace and boldness for every disciple in our fields to be light and salt in their communities. DIASPORA MISSION – We have been informed that a Chinese Church has been planted by some brethren reaching out to them at Ojota-Lagos China Market. Pray that this church will march on and the gates of hell will not prevail against it in Jesus name. AKURE LIAISON OFFICE – Praise the Lord who healed us when we were terribly sick.  Thank Him for the provision of a means of mobility and all the channels He has been using to support us.