September 30, 2018


–Pray for healing and sound health for our team. Ask God to provide US$1,600.00 (One thousand, six hundred United States dollars) needed to complete the Kings Kids elementary school building in Gbanyan’s Town, Todee. TOGO –Thank God for the lives of Children we are reaching out to. Ask that Christ will be revealed to those that are yet to know Him and for the establishment in the faith for those who have accepted Christ.
September 29, 2018


Saudi women driving is a major leap forward for women’s freedom. Pray that this new freedom given to Saudi women will be the first step in many that will allow Saudi society to advance women’s right. (John 8:36). CAMEROON – Pray that the few Mandara converts that are being followed up will be established in Christ. Pray for provision to construct a building for northern headquarter and vocational training centre in Mora. Ask God to prosper our work among the Fulanis in Garoua and grant the secret converts among them the courage to abide in the Lord. Receive encouragement for the couple working in Garoua, ask God to comfort them and give them guidance and protection. SENEGAL –Pray that the gates of Senegal would open to CMF as it seeks to raise indigenous missionaries and advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ among the many unreached people and places in Senegal. Pray for journey mercies for Pst. Chinedum as he travels often to Dakar, Senegal, overseeing this new field
September 28, 2018


Thank God for the safety of missionaries, partners, chapter members and their families in the course of keeping up with their daily schedule in this hectic Lagos environment. Thank God for enabling us to perform our task; and helping our partners to remain faithful to Him in praying and giving to missions. Thank God for the five strategies He has given us to work with, pray that God will bless our effort and enlarge our coast and capacity. Ask God to send more willing, capable and equipped missionaries for mobilization of the Body of Christ here for missions in this crucial period.
September 27, 2018


Glorify God for His work in us in order to achieve His purpose. Thank God for transforming the lives of our converts; the students and in community. Appreciate God for His work in the lives of Beno J.P, Emmanuel and John the key indigenous leaders who are now working hand in hand with us for the liberation of their people. We lost a block of four classrooms in our secondary school to a strong storm in the month of May, it was destroyed beyond repair. Thank God that it did not happen during school hours and no life was lost. Pray that God will come to our aid and speedily provide for its reconstruction. DAISPORA MISSION-Pray for China Missions Alliance and her efforts at reaching Diaspora Chinese in more than 32 countries in Africa. Pray for the revelation of Christ to the Chinese in strange and divine encounter.
September 26, 2018


Thank God for His faithfulness and mercies over all missionaries/pastors ‘wives and all female missionaries. Thank God for the work of Pricilla Mission among them. Pray that these efforts will not be in vain. Ask the Lord to defend these women and their families against any onslaught of the enemy. Pray that they will boldly resist the devil and always stand for the truth no matter how difficult it may seem. COTE D’IVOIRE – Thank God for what the Lord has been doing in our lives and in the fields. There is a need for many more missionaries, intercessors and partners. Ask God to raise more labourers for the work. Pray that the Lord will provide needed resources for the development of our lands as the land holdings keep increasing, and we have been using rented apartment as office for years.
September 25, 2018


Thank God for journey mercies for all the team members and for the success of all the Parousia Youth Conference held this year. Pray for the impact on the participant to be fruitful and permanent. Pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over those who seem not to have been touched yet, calling to their remembrance what they have heard and help them to respond positively to God’s call.
September 24, 2018


Thank God for saving us from the fowler’s snare and deadly pestilence. Declare according to His word that we will be covered with His wings and find refuge in Him. Ask God to raise more labourers and resources to meet the ever increasing needs of the ministry. Ask God to burden the hearts of those He had called to go, give and pray to respond accordingly. Ask God to visit the remaining unreached people groups in Benin Republic in His mercies.
September 23, 2018


Pray with Ezekiel 37:9 that God’s grace and fresh breath should come upon every elder and help them identify their gifting and serve God in that capacity. Pray for rapid spiritual growth for the converts. Ask God to visit our partners, friends and supporters, that they will not be tired of their love and commitment to missions. MEDICAL MISSIONS DEPT–Thank God for the success of medical mission outreaches held in recent times around the FCT, in Yashikira and Ijagbo Kwara State, and in Togo. Pray that the fruits of the outreaches will abide. Pray for more open doors for medical mission outreaches in very needy, unreached areas. Thank God for the successful registration of the department as an NGO. Pray that God will fund the NGO and open doors to use it to advance His kingdom among the unreached.
September 22, 2018


Mobility is one of the major challenges in the field for some of the missionaries. We need at least four motorcycles for effective work. Pray that God will meet this urgent need because the villages are far from one another and missionaries need to reach out for evangelism, follow-up and disciple making. Each motorcycle cost N260, 000. Pray for grace for the missionaries, pastors and local leaders to be faithful to God in all they do. Pray for protection and provision for them and their family members.