April 29, 2019


Pray for divine guidance, grace and strength for the liaison officer to mobilize resources for missions. Pray that God will raise more brethren to identify with us in that region. 
April 28, 2019


Pray for provision of N1.5 million to build lecture /hostel blocks for the school. Ask God to provide the following: Computer, Printer, money for lecturer’s welfare and honorarium up to N75,000 per contact, scholarship for less privilege students.
April 27, 2019

Training Effort in Burkina Faso

Pursuing plan to finalize the preparation for the regular Modular School of Mission as a means of raising indigenous disciples for mission work in Francophone countries. A vast expanse of land has been given to us by the community of Boulo and the process of legal acquisition has reached the stage of paying for the demarcation. Thank God for providing money for that stage. Ask God for provision of money needed to process the legal documents from the government, and for the construction work that we will embark upon very soon. SOUTH-EAST – Thank God for our medical outreaches to various communities in the Zone. Pray that God will raise more medical professionals and paramedic volunteers.
April 26, 2019


The fencing of the school is still an urgent need. Pray for the provision of 30,000 pieces of 9×9 blocks; 5 loads of gravel, 25 loads of sand and a sum of N1,500.000. Training Effort in Malawi: Following up with the CMF missionaries in Malawi to see to the establishment and running of the Modular Cross-Cultural Missions School is in progress, pray for provision of funds.
April 25, 2019


Pray for the provision of two brand new motor bikes and a vehicle to ease our operations. Pray also for the completion of the furnishing of the Mission House in Yola and God’s continued protection for our brethren in this very volatile environment of Boko Haram insurgency.
April 24, 2019


Pray for more medical personnel to be envisioned and volunteer for mission either on a part time or full-time basis. Ask God to keep CMF missionaries strong and healthy. Pray for sick missionaries and missionary kids that the Lord should heal and grant them sound health. Ask God to give missionaries all round prosperity.
April 23, 2019


Pray for a missionary couple for the School in Uccu. Ask God to raise labourers for our adopted tribes: Dendi, Reshe and Zarbarmawa (Zarma). DIASPORA MISSION: Thank God for the ongoing Diaspora ministries among the ‘aliens’ in our midst and especially in our fields. Commit the work of Sister Peace and Mandara among the Kanuris in Lekki, Lagos, to God’s care, asking for significant breakthroughs as they labour among people of this unreached group.
April 22, 2019


The celebration of Easter continues today. Pray that many more people will encounter the resurrected Christ today even as they celebrate and participate in the different activities that have been lined up in different places.  BURKINA FASO-Appreciate the Lord for the payment of our rent and bills up to date. Pray that the Lord will establish/build our mission base in this place. Pray for speedy provision as we need more space and privacy for effectiveness in our discipleship efforts.
April 21, 2019


Today marks the resurrection of the Lord,Jesus Christ, from the grave. Thank God for the triumph of life over death and the justification that became ours because Jesus rose from the dead. Pray that the experience of the resurrection power will manifest in every sphere of our lives. Pray also that those who are yet to experience the same resurrection power will have opportunity today to do so as believers share the goodnews of the resurrection! GAMBIA-Pray for CMF work and churches in Pacholi and Bachotek. Ask God to help Pastor Sam as he develops ministry to Manjagos. Ask God to help him establish an effective base for outreach. Pray that the work will have deep roots. London Corner– Pray for increase in every area of life and ministry of Pastor & Mrs.  Jatta. Ask God to bless the National Director Pastor John and grant him wisdom and strength for many phases of the work. Pray for help to begin the upper basic section of Agape Preparatory School in London Corner. SOUTH WEST: Ibarapa hall project has reached roofing stage. Pray for provision of fund to complete the project N1,546,750 is still needed for: Roofing &NogginN845,750; Doors & Window N315,600; Toilet & Plastering N385,400.