October 21, 2018


Pray that members of the church in Yaounde will understand their call. Stand against the spirit of immorality, drunkenness, witchcraft and influence of Catholicism in Yaounde.
October 20, 2018


–Next admission into the school is January 2019. Pray that God will mobilize and recruit men and women with genuine calling into missions and bring them for training. Pray for financial provision for the running of the school. Ask that the needs of both resident trainers and the students will be divinely met.
October 7, 2018


Pray that God will raise for Nigeria prophets who sit in council with the Lord and are able to give direction as Elijah did in times of old. Ask God to raise a Cyrus for Nigeria who will do all the pleasure of the Most High God. As Nigeria approaches an election year, pray for the coming to power of a visionary leadership that is committed to the well-being and welfare of the populace. Ask that God will deliver us from parochial people in leadership positions.
October 6, 2018


Thank God for His move in the fields within the Zone. KAMBERI – Pray for Kamberi brethren to be more committed to the things of the Lord, and grace for our youths to be good examples in the community. Pray for provision of a new motorcycle to make visitation to the fields easier.
October 5, 2018


Pray for provision of N1, 075, 000 to complete the Ibarapa hall project in Idere. There are ongoing church buildings and mission houses projects in some of our fields. Ask God for provision of materials such as blocks, cement, iron sheet and money to complete the projects.
October 4, 2018


Bless God for His grace upon the missionaries. Ask God to help them to remain committed to what God has called them to do. Declare that they would continually reap the fruit of their labour in joy. Pray that God should perfect all that concerns them. Pray that God should give them victory over their challenges and keep them in good health. DIASPORA MISSION – Thank God for the outreach to the KANURIS in Lekki-Lagos being undertaken by our brethren one of whom was widow of our martyred missionary in Borno State (the homestead of the Kanuris) but now remarried to another brother from the North with whom she is now reaching the same Kanuris among whom her former husband was killed but are now Diaspora people in Lagos. Pray that their efforts will yield abiding fruits and that the converts will grow and mature in discipleship.
October 3, 2018


Thank God for the National Directors and their teams. Pray that God’s righteous hand would uphold them, increase their physical and spiritual capacities to carry out their assignments. Ask God to empower them with divine strategies that would help them go farther and achieve greater results in their ministerial efforts and exploits. Pray for provision of fund to run the offices. Pray for a mighty move of God in all the places of our work.
October 2, 2018


–Bless God for the International office and operations. Thank God for the International Director, receive fresh anointing and renewal of strength for Him. Pray that the Lord will continue to be mindful of him and bless his house. Ask God to help the missionaries and staff. Pray that through God we shall continue to do valiantly.
October 1, 2018


Praise God for the privilege to see a new month. Thank Him for being the strength of our lives and satisfying us with His goodness. Declare that the new month will bring forth revival, renewal and restoration to every area of our lives. NIGERIA 58 TH INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY – Thank God for preserving Nigeria as an independent country for 58 years. Repent on behalf of our country, ask God to show us mercy and be gracious unto us. Pray that God should lighten the burden of Nigeria and disappoint every agenda and expectation of the wicked. Pray that the knowledge of God should cover Nigeria, and that God should open the hearts of Nigerians to embrace the gospel of freedom indeed. Ask God to give us God fearing leaders and make us joyful again by delivering us from violence and restore peace to our borders.